Over 40.000 people went to shout on the streets of Amsterdam in this protest for the climate change. Wow that was something. To be honest, I didn’t know so much about it just thought would be cool to make some photos, but the vibes were pretty good in general, despite of the poor weather. The climate change is a big thing on the moment of history that we currently are, nobody can deny that, and
Drummer photo

Drummer Photo Session

Posted on 08/03/2019

Category: Photo Session
Hi there! hope you all doing good. Here I leave you some of the pictures of the session I had for Amatore to offer Drum classes at NDSM, in Amsterdam. Hope you like them!
Micro Lightning Photo Serie
Halo World! I’m really excited about this photography project that I’m continuing now virtually here in Amsterdam with this Website. Here I leave you with a photo-serie that I created some time ago, still in Málaga, that I like to call “Micro Lightings” appreciating the details 🙂